– WE OWN THE NIGHT is developed and produced by WE ARE THE NIGHT, 2008. WE ARE THE NIGHT is a content marketing agency for artists and events. 
– WE OWN THE NIGHT TV is a weekly music television program. Every Saturday from 8 pm until 1 am WE OWN THE NIGHT TV fuels your night and turns your living room into the hottest nightclub with the best DJ’s. Get yourself comfortable, grab a drink and clear the floor, and we’ll make sure you have the night of your life.
How can I watch WE OWN THE NIGHT TV?
– WE OWN THE NIGHT TV – Every Saturday night from 20:00-01:00 CEST on Ziggo Channel 13 (Dutch Television) or at live.weownthenight.tv
How can I join on zoom?
– Show us your homeparty! Join our zoom-channel via http://zoom.weownthenight.tv
I am an artist, how can I perform?
– We encourage you to send an email to info@weownthenight.tv
Why is my chat message not displayed on the show?
– Due to the high demand of chat messages, we cannot always guarantee it will be shown.
What is On Demand?
– WE OWN THE NIGHT TV – On Demand works just like Netflix or any other streaming service. It allows you to watch on-demand videos in your web browser on your laptop or your phone. The big difference is that you only pay for the live sets that you want to watch, so you don’t need a subscription. 

WE OWN THE NIGHT TV – On Demand offers you a broad variety of livesets of your favourite DJs. With the click of a button, you can enjoy sets from international A-list deejays and fuel your homeparty!

When are specific sets released?
– Typically all Saturday sets are released the following Thursday. We cannot always guarantee this, but we will notify all releases on our socials!
How long the On Demand sets are available for when I purchase it?
– All €2,99 sets are available for 72 hour hire. We also have an unlimited subscription where every set is available for 24 hours.
Can I download the On Demand set or get a specific audio track?
– Sorry, for now it is not possible to do this.
Why does my video not start?

– We understand that it is very annoying when you are completely ready to party and the video does not start. Before throwing your confetti and glowsticks through the window, we recommend that you follow the steps below.

  1. Check if you have a stable internet connection. Close all other programs or tabs that might interrupt your internet speed and try again.
  2. Please check your internet connection. Do you have a working internet connection? Check your router or contact your internet provider for the necessary technical support. 
  3. Try to start the video on a different device

If your video still won’t start after these steps, please contact us via support@weownthenight.tv

What languages do you support?

– We currently only support English. However, please feel free to suggest a language that you want us to include in the future.