On Demand: How it works



Welcome to our brand new on demand platform. WE OWN THE NIGHT TV  – On Demand works just like Netflix or any other streaming service. It allows you to watch on-demand videos in your web browser on your laptop or your phone. The big difference is that you only pay for the live sets that you want to watch, so you don’t need a subscription. 

Create an account
(Do not worry, creating an account is free!)

  1. Go to Sign Up and complete your registration
  2. Confirm your email account 
  3. Choose your favorite artist to watch
  4. Click on GET ACCESS
  5. Complete the purchase
  6. Enjoy!

To complete a purchase you have 2 options:

1. Rental

  1. Click on the red button  “2,99 / 3 days rental”
  2. Choose your payment method
  3. Fill in your payment information
  4. Click on the red button “buy now” & your content is now unlocked
  5. Watch your video and create your own homeparty!

2. Voucher

  1. Find your perfect set
  2. Click on “Get access”
  3. Redeem your voucher code and press “Submit”
  4. Enjoy your very own homeparty!